The Beautiful Cliché Limited

Limited Edition The Beautiful Cliché – Venezia

Finally a book on Venice without gondolette, silvery reflections, romantic glimpses of canals and bridges and everything else that provides the perfect tourist measure for selling a city known as “the most beautiful in the world.” D’Agostin’s eye is certainly more sensitive than the emulsion or apparatus of his camera, and this is a crucial talent in the field of photography – Italo Zannier

“Venetian Heritage is very proud to be associated with Renato D’Agostin on this project. His photographs of Venice show the city in a totally new light. Our hope is that through this body of work, the beauty of the city will continue to inspire generations to come.” – Pierre Durand, President Venetian Heritage

The photography book The Beautiful Cliché – Venezia will be released worldwide March 2012 with preface by Renata Codello, Superintendent for the Cultural Heritage and Landscape of Venice and the Lagoon, and texts by curator and photo historian, Italo Zannier, and curator, Chiara Casarin.

Renato D’Agostin’s work explores possibilities of a different sort: it unveils the best known architectural sites of Venice, such as St Mark’s Square, by making them the object of a striking primary analysis, whereby the outlines of the architectural volumes fade away without losing their weight; space is made the object of endless interpretations, yet all reflecting the author’s vision; the details of the buildings necessarily point to the whole structures; the lagoon horizon is traced by the ideal profiles of the islands and by the dots of the mooring posts, without being conditioned by them. This is not simply a book of photographs, then, but a collection of possible “visions” of the city. – Renata Codello, Superintendent for the Cultural Heritage and Landscape of Venice and the Lagoon.

Venetian Heritage will offer 200 advance publication copies of The Beautiful Cliché – Venezia ($60). Limited Edition copies including an 8×10 inch silver gelatin print will also be available ($500). The proceeds from this exhibition will be used to benefit the restoration projects of Venetian Heritage Inc.

To reserve a copy please email or call +1 (646) 714-2520.

The Beautiful Cliché – Venezia is Underwritten by Venetian Heritage Inc., under the Patronage of Provincia di Venezia and Cittá di San Doná di Piave, in collaboration with MC2 Gallery Milan, Galerie Photo 4 Paris, Banca di Credito Cooperativo di Monastier e del Sile, with technical support from Sprint Systems of Photography.

The Beautiful Cliché – Venezia is published by Silvana Editoriale, printed in Italy, Amilcare Pizzi. Hardcover, 112 pages, 23.8 x 33 cm. Text in English, Italian, French and Japanese.

Upcoming exhibitions of The Beautiful Cliché – Venezia: Paris, France, November 3, 2011 at the Galerie Photo 4; Milan, Italy, January 2012 at MC2 Gallery; Madrid, Spain, February 2012 at Galeria Rita Castellote; Singapore, April 2012 at Gallery 2902; Venice, Italy, September 2012 at Palazzo Ducale.

Review copies, interview requests, high-resolution images, and excerpts available upon request. For all media inquiries contact Kristina Ratliff at +1 (646) 714-2520 or via email at